When to Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a commonly used area of the house and it needs to be kept to a high standard especially due to cleanliness concerns and to provide a better experience. There are certain signs to watch out for so that you can recognise when to renovate your bathroom.

You need to work with a reliable company for bathroom renovations Ferntree Gully. They will be able to spot things that you may miss and give you a value added service. You need to look at the current décor of the bathroom and see whether it fits the quality standards of today. There are different trends that become popular with time and there can be certain things that you don’t like about the bathroom such as the colour. This is the case with purchasing homes that have already been done according to the preferences of a previous owner. You may not like the same style or arrangement and this can be a bit of a headache to you long term. So the colour of the bathroom is one of the most noticeable aspects of it. If you have outdated patterns for tiles or tiles that are discoloured or cracked beyond repair, you need to look at how you can change this into something that better suits your own preferences.

The layout of the bathroom is another significant aspect that can affect how you use it. In addition to aesthetics, a bathroom should be a functional space. And it can be hard to use cramped layouts. In older houses, bathrooms were given lower priority and they ended up using minimum space. Also, the organisation or the plan of the bathroom is essential to maximising its convenience. For example, the location of the shower is very important because if it is located closer to the entrance, you will also be stepping onto a wet floor which is not comfortable. There should be enough space to open the door and move throughout the space. You can work with a renovation company that has experienced designers who will be able to maximise the space by adjusting the layout. The dry areas which have the sink and the WC will be closer to the entrance and the wet areas with the shower or bath tubs can be further away to keep the commonly used floor area dry and to make the usage safer.

If the bathroom is too cramped, you can check which walls can be broken down and how the bathroom can be extended. This may need the relocation of plumbing and depending on where you live you will need to obtain a permit for this type of renovation. You may also experience damage or leaks in the bathroom. Fixing this will save your utility bills as well because you are not wasting water. And especially when guests are using the bathroom, it has to be presentable. Other reasons can be the presence of mould, updating outdated fittings and using more efficient fittings for better water usage.

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