What To Gift Someone Who Is Moving into A New House?

A housewarming can be a small intimate occasion involving a gathering of those close to you or a huge event with multiple bottles of wine and champagne being popped. Whichever type of event you are being invited you cannot arrive without a gift. Housewarming gifts can range from something small as a bottle of wine or a statement piece to be showcased on the walls.

Depending on how close you are to the person hosting your gift can vary in size and value accordingly. So, if you are racking your brain to pick something that shows you made an effort, we have a few suggestions that have been tried and tested. Here are some ideas for cool, sentimental and convenient housewarming gift ideas.

Art pieces

Yes, we agree purchasing pieces of art can not only be expensive or tricky for someone who loves art but here us out. If you know this person really well then you may be able to tell their taste and preference. Or they have told you about a piece of art they had their eye on.

This could be a really cool and sentimental gift option for someone who would appreciate it. However, art does not only mean a painting or drawing. Statement ornaments or funky pieces of furniture are great suggestions too. if they are an antique collector there are tons of ornaments ideal for a collector.

Bedroom accessories

Before you judge we are talking about bedroom linen and upholstery. Comfortable bed linen, rugs or even table side lamps and accessories are some suggestions. If you are looking for options Bauhaus light fixtures are ideal gifts for someone who likes to do night time reading. Your host will greatly appreciate a soft rug to land their feet on in the morning so how about that as an option too?

Cookbooks and wine

We all need that glass of wine at the end of a long day, so a classy bottle of perfectly aged wine is an option they would no doubt enjoy. However, people also love to cook with wine, it always adds a great taste to food and will come in handy. A wine bottle or cookbook with easy recipes work as cool accessories for the pantry or kitchen.

Help them pick

It is true you cannot turn up to a housewarming party without a gift, but are new home is only filled over a period of time. If you host wants to visit stores or markets every weekend to pick up pieces for their house you can volunteer your company. Help them pick and choose things for their new house. They would not only appreciate the help but it can also be a fun experience.

Home appliances

The need for home appliances is endless so this can be a very useful to help kick start someone’s life. Ranging from food processors, blenders or even a coffee machine. Or you can add to their already existing collection.