Types Of Swimming Pools for Every Budget and Space

Gone are the days where we have the notion that only the rich and famous could have a swimming pool in their backyard. Now, anyone with the space could have one, although the type of swimming pool still varies depending on the budget. This is essentially good news since families could have an enjoyable time swimming and lounging on their private pool, no matter what type it is.

Since there is a market for homeowners who want a swimming pool of their own, innovation to create swimming pools to fit every budget became rampant. There are those who even managed to DIY their own pool! But, if you don’t consider yourself to be handy with tools, there might be a specific type of swimming pool you could have professionally installed that will fit your budget.


The best-known type of swimming pool is the concrete pool. As the name suggests, this type of ground pool is made of concrete and is the most conventional type. The setting up begins with ground excavation and installation of steel frameworks. After, concrete is poured then sealed with plaster. With this foundation, swimming pools made out of concrete is the most durable, and customizable. This is the reason why this type of swimming pool is the most recognized.


Swimming pools made out of fiberglass are an alternative to concrete because it is easier to install. Excavation is still necessary but instead of steel frameworks and concrete, a fiberglass shell is instead fixed in the hole. Some homeowners prefer this instead of concrete not only because it is less time consuming to install but because fiberglass swimming pools could last up to 15 years, compared to concrete which needed touch ups of the plaster every once in a while. Even with this obvious advantage, fiberglass is more expensive than concrete and the possibility of cracking and snapping is very likely due to fiberglass’ nature.


For a more budget friendly swimming pool, vinyl lined swimming pools are the answer. The foundation of this type includes plastic or metal frame, supporting panels and vinyl liner. It is not as durable as concrete but if it is to be maintained properly, it could last for long. Not only are they economical, they also come in various shapes and sizes to fit even the smallest backyard. When you do settle for this type of swimming pool just be cautious though since the vinyl liners could be easily nicked that would lead to costly repairs.

Shipping container

A sustainable innovation, repurposed shipping containers are now also used for manufacturing portable swimming pools. More economical than other types of ground pools, shipping container swimming pools pre-assembled with fiberglass could be placed above ground or fixed partially below ground, depending on your preference. The only downside to this type of pool is its probability of rusting if the container is not treated with anti-rust agents thoroughly.

With these numerous options, it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are given the chance to enjoy and bond with family and friends over their collective love for swimming. And if you have the means and the space for one, research beforehand the pros and cons to every type before you decide.

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