The Best Ways to Unwind at Home

The last year has restricted us to our homes to the point that any reason is a good one to get out of the house. However, with the pandemic showing no signs of ever completely leaving people are still warned to stay safe and avoid assuming life is completely back to normal.

So, during a time when your usual Friday chill sessions at a bar or pubs are not possible to unwind what ways are there to do so? Sometimes we have to just be creative and find simple things to amuse ourselves. Therefore, here is a list of the best ways to unwind at home where you are safe and can relax without the worry of getting sick or running into someone who is.

Get a good book or movie

Netflix and chill seem to be the best option these days and honestly, we are quite thankful to the many online streaming sites available nowadays. Just imagine surviving a pandemic without some of the developments in technology we have now? However, if you are bookworm there is plenty for you to do too.

Some people love the smell and feel of an actual book but realistically speaking you are probably not going to have every book you like in paper so we are super grateful for kindle and other platforms that provide readers the ability to choose from a wide range of books. When all else fails these are the best ways to relax and unwind at home.

Bath and candles

Your monthly spa dates seem faraway but you can always have one at home and if you have a tub even better. Fill it up and add in your favourite bath bomb and turn up the music. For additional comfort there are plenty of scented candles NZ online stores can provide. Check them out for a range of candles for different occasions.

Cook or bake

If you are someone who enjoys trying out new recipes and desserts being at home is probably the best thing ever for you and whoever else you’re living with. there are an endless number of recipes you can Google all using ingredients readily available at home. This also gives you the chance to brush up on your baking or cooking skills and try out things you did not have the time to before and surprise the others at home.


This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who enjoy being around plants and like having their tiny forest in their homes, being at home is the perfect time to get into this hobby. There are plenty of indoor plants you can get and if you have a garden then more the merrier.

Gardening is not only relaxing as it provides more oxygen but it is also therapeutic to the eyes and mind. Once you get into the habit of gardening or just being a part of the nature closest to you, it can become quite a good addiction.

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