Reasons Why Portable Spas Are Better Than In-Ground Spas

Adding a spa into your home is a great upgrade you could have since it serves as an added space for relaxation and entertainment as well. You could use it to relax after a tiring day or bond with your loved ones to relax and de-stress.

There are two types of spas you can put into your home – portable spa and in-ground spa. A portable spa is built above the ground while an in-ground spa is built into the ground or landscaping as the name suggests. A lot of homeowners opt for portable spas than in-ground ones because of so many factors. Here are some of the benefits that make portable spa a better choice than in-ground spa.

More Affordable

One of the advantages of a portable spa for your home is its affordability. It is less expensive than an in-ground spa because it doesn’t involve a lot of processes during installation. A portable spa will be delivered into your home and installed where you want it to be without digging or building into the ground unlike an in-ground spa. You could save from the labour costs as well as building the spa itself.

Faster Installation and Easy Maintenance

Portable spas are a lot easier and faster to install compared to in-ground spas. The company will take the portable spa into your home and their expert staff will be the ones to set everything up from start to finish. Because there are lesser steps required in installing a portable spa, it usually takes a few hours or under a day to set it up.

In-ground spas take longer installation since there is a lot of process involved – from digging, setting up the space, assembling the spa, and installing the electrical and plumbing. Since portable spas are just above the ground, it is easy to spot and repair problems and damages unlike in in-ground spas.

More Jets

Hydrotherapy is one of the main purposes of a spa. The jets of water serve as a massage, leaving you more relaxed as you step out of the spa. Portable spas usually have more hydrotherapy jets than the in-ground counterparts making it a better option if you want the best relaxing experience.

More Comfortable Seating

Lastly, comfort is one of the best advantages of a portable spa. Portable spas have moulded seats that are more comfortable to seat on. You could also adjust the jets to suit your needs to get the best relaxing experience from the spa. In-ground tubs usually have a bench-like seating, making it less comfortable and relaxing to sit on.

If you haven’t decided which type of spa to add into your home yet, all of those advantages mentioned above could help you consider portable spas more than in-ground spas. To know which type of spa to install in your home, you could consult a spa company to help you find the right portable spa that suits your space, budget, and needs.