How To Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Luxurious

If you are sick and tired of how your bathroom looks and you want it to look and feel expensive, you could do so without needing a big amount of money to spend on renovation. There are some simple tips and tricks you could follow to have a luxurious bathroom of your dream within your budget.

Play with lighting

One of the easiest and cheapest way you could improve the overall aesthetic of your bathroom is by improving the lighting. When you upgrade your bathroom’s lighting, go for trendy light sources. You could have sconces or if you have the space and the resources for it, swanky pendant light could instantly amp up your bathroom’s look. This could be your bathroom’s statement piece. Add some vanity mirrors and you’d have yourself an updated bathroom with only a few accessories and the lighting fixture as the expenditures.

Create a spa inspired bathroom

If you look at luxury bathroom renovations and designs, you’d see that they have one thing in common; they all look like they are from a spa or a high-end resort. For instant relaxation without having to leave your home and fly to an expensive resort, create a spa inspired bathroom.

Paint your bathroom with a relaxing colour such as blue or aqua and you would instantly feel calm as soon as you step inside. Stock up on bath bombs, bath salts and scented candles and oil and when you are feeling stressed or after a long day, pamper yourself by soaking on a bath inside your spa inspired bathroom.

Bring in the outside

If it is possible or if you could splurge on a little, have big windows to let the light in especially if you have a nice view of the ocean or you have an outdoor garden. With big windows, you are bringing in more natural light and you would not have to worry about your bathroom being dark. Add plants as well not only for decorative purposes but also for their physical and psychological health benefits such as improving your mood, lowering your stress leave and filtering the air.

Paint your furniture

Another easy and affordable way you could make your bathroom look expensive is by painting your furniture. Turn your chest or a dresser into a vanity by coating it with a layer or two of paint. If you want a luxurious neutral colour, go for grey or beige.

You could also opt for white for that simple yet classic look although you might have to maintain its appearance more thoroughly since white easily accumulate dirt and grime. Another tip, if you choose to paint your furniture white and white has become the dominant colour in your bathroom, choose one piece of furniture to paint a different colour as an accent piece.

As you redo your bathroom, don’t forget about other affordable accessories you could purchase to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious such as towels, artwork, hamper, and rugs.

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