Gifts From a Parent to Their Daughter for Her Wedding

To a parent, their daughter’s wedding will be the most important moment in their life. It is the occasion in their daughter’s life where they move on to the next big chapter of life. To celebrate such occasion the parents, want to give something memorable and special for their child.

There is no clear-cut rule on what gifts you have to give your daughter, you can give one or many things.

Some things you can gift are:


Most families have heirlooms that have been passed down from your parents to you. You can gift something special as this to your daughter. This would make her feel very special. You don’t necessarily have to give this on the wedding day you can give it even the night before.

Embroidered wedding ring pillow

This can be gifted on the wedding and is sure to bring happiness in your daughters and son in law. You can customize a wedding ring pillow and embroider a beautiful message or a meaningful word like “forever”.

Personalized dish ring

You can get a customized dish ring with your daughter and son in laws initial to keep their rings and every time they see that they are going to be reminded of you.

Furniture for their house

Once married the couple is going to move into their new house. Chances are they might not have bought all the furniture so you can gift them a coupon for discount furniture.


This is sure to move your daughter, you may have all the photos of her growing up. you can put them all together and make a photobook and to make it even more special you can annotate each photo, with the date and the story behind the picture. This would be something she would keep very close to her heart.

Vintage wedding dress clutch

To remind her of you, that she can hold on her wedding day and even afterwards you can take a piece from your wedding dress and make a vintage clutch. This would be something very special for her.

Decorative pieces for her house

When she moves to make her house look beautiful and homely, she would need decorative pieces. You can gift her a wreath which she can hang on the door, or a lamp that she can place in the living or a vase to out flowers or any other decorative piece of your choice.

Create something

If you are skilled in sewing you can sew a bedsheet and pillow case for your daughter, and have the couples initial embroidered on it.


Jewellery is something that you can carry with you for a long time, you can select a beautiful set for your daughter with necklace and matching earrings. To make it even more meaningful you can customize it especially for your daughter.

Book them a vacation

This is a bit of an expensive gift but it is sure to make both your daughter and son in law happy. You can get them tickets to a beautiful destination to enjoy their time.

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