Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Buying a commercial or residential solar panel can be exciting. Going green for Australian citizens and saving more cash is something you should be happy about. However, don’t take any promotions too seriously.

With the evolving future of solar technology, you will see an increase in the number of brands competing for your money. To make informed decisions, you should research the best solar panels in Australia. In this guide, we will discuss four main factors to consider when purchasing solar panels. These panel main features will assist you in deciding on the best solar products for your particular installation.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Size of a Solar Panel

The first factor to consider is the scale and suitability of the solar panels. For Australia, which would be in the Southern Hemisphere, it is best to place all solar panels facing north. So, choose a size that meets this requirement.

Although you can face your residential solar panels east or west, you want to get the best solar power spot. The measurements of your panels should be appropriate for the side of the roof where you want to mount solar panels.

You can ensure that you have access to solar panel experts who can assist you in assessing the situation.

Efficiency of Solar Panels

Panel performance is an important consideration when purchasing solar panels in Australia. The capacity of a panel to transform input energy into output energy is referred to as panel efficiency. What is the significance of this?

Because of its higher performance, a more powerful solar panel not only charges solar batteries faster. Better productivity means you get more fuel even though the sun isn’t shining brightly. You want your panels to produce more energy to reap all the benefits of installing solar panels.

So, how do you choose which panels to use based on efficiency? The average efficiency of a panel should be about 15 to 16 percent. Anything between 17 and 19 percent efficiency is considered high, with 20 percent efficiency being the best.

Durability of Solar Panels

Another thing to remember when purchasing solar panels is durability. Durable panels can save you from having to repair them all the time, which can be inconvenient. Since Australia experiences strong winds on occasion, panel stability is critical in order to prevent as much downtime as possible.

You’ll want a solar panel with a high wind load and, ideally, hail safety. Since several high-quality solar panels do not need maintenance, you can also have high snow loads. Why is this so?

A high snow load ensures it can withstand a certain amount of force and weight. It can endure the same debris load as the previous one. You will also like a solar panel that is resistant to environmental deterioration.

Periods of Warranty

When purchasing solar panels, it is also important to choose panels with a longer warranty duration. You can choose a solar panel with a long product warranty.

Many panel manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on average. A 12-year warranty is now becoming more popular, with 20-year warranties being the exception.

You can also ensure that your solar panels come with a performance warranty. A performance warranty guarantees that if your panel falls short of a certain level of performance, the manufacturer will replace it. Many manufacturers score this at least 80% of their rated production.

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