7 Ways You Can Make a Home Cooler

How hot does it get where you live? You may be tired of blasting your AC. You can save electricity and make your home cooler by making use of our points. Let’s get into them.

Are There Drafts?

It might be excruciatingly hot outside. What’ll keep you stay cool would be sealing any drafts or openings that let heat get inside. This is probably the easiest thing to do on our list, as all you’d have to do is check for open windows and doors.

How old is the property? There may be cracks in doors that let drafts in. You’d have to patch the spaces up – look for a good contracting team.

Invest in Thick Curtains

Take a look at your curtains – they may be thin. Although they look good, they wouldn’t do a good job at blocking heat out. You’d need to invest in ones that are on the thicker side; they’d be excellent insulating barriers.

When choosing thick curtains, there is a chance that your home would become cave-like. After all, a lot of light would be blocked. You’re advised to not pick ones in dark colours because of this.

How Often Do You Cook?

Not many people realize this, but how often they cook would influence how hot their house would be. Think about it – heat from your oven would circulate throughout the vicinity. When it’s hot out, you’re advised to not use the oven that much. Why not go healthy and make a salad? It takes less time too.

Get a Ceiling Fan

Wooden ceiling fans are quite in trend now. The space would look great with them. They’d not only look good but propel cool air across a room. In many parts of the world, ceiling fans are staples. But they’re not as common in houses where you live.

Look at Your Light bulbs

Some light bulbs are not energy efficient. They take too much energy, wasting a lot of it as heat.

There are enough and more energy efficient bulbs on the market, so changing the ones you have shouldn’t be an issue.

New Coats of Paint

You might want to change the paint in your home. It’s absorbing too much heat. Major paint manufacturers have created options that bounce heat off. Yes, they are pricier than regular options. However, you can think of them as investments.

What Type of Linen Do You Have?

An easy way to make your bedroom cooler is by swapping the linen you have. Go for options that have high cotton content, as the fabric is the most breathable.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a home cool is a must – you’d be able to save on electricity bills. To do the trick, it thankfully isn’t hard. Although we ran through a couple of points, there are many more you could use. From the list, the easiest would be to close your doors and windows whenever it’s too hot outside.

You could also invest in paint that doesn’t absorb heat, and buy ceiling fans if you don’t have any.

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