5 Best Hobbies that will Reduce Stress

Hobbies are known to be crucial for self-development and stress relief. After a tiring day, it is advised that you engage in something you love for at least an hour. Read a book before bed, draw something, cook your favourite dinner; the choices are endless. Here are some of the proven best hobbies that will relieve stress.


Photography is a great way to get outdoors, travel and enjoy nature. It will help you see the beauty in everyday life, letting you capture wonderful moments and sceneries. There are types of photographers you can become such as bird photography, wildlife photography, flora and fauna, waterfalls, social events, everyday life and many more.

Every time you look at your photos you will remember the incredible experience you had in that environment, the challenges you overcame and the happiness you felt. Open up a gallery, post them online, start blogging about them or start scrapbooking. Sharing your photos will make people around you happy too.


Crafts are a great way to bring out the creative side in you. There could be hidden talents in you that are waiting to pop out so use your time trying different things such as painting, sewing, pottery, jewellery making, candle making, knitting, embroidery etc. Start off by a small project with things you have at home.

Use some old bottles or jars and paint them. Put some candles in them and create a beautiful candle arrangement for your mantel. The beautiful colours, shapes and patterns will bring out your creative side and instil joy in you. Make use of online resources that could help you with the basics.


Gardening is proven to be one of the best hobbies to practice. Since gardening involves working outside, you get to connect with nature and also get the added benefits of fresh air and exercise. It is always pleasant to see flowers blooming, birds chirping and the sun shining down.

You can get the help of professionals such as jims mowers to do technical jobs so that your garden looks perfect. If you don’t have a big enough garden, you could get involved in a community gardening project. You can even grow a few plants or herbs on your balcony or windowsill.


When your favourite song comes on, you’ll be all better. Music is the ultimate healer, letting you groove and feel relaxed. Make some playlists and collections, listen and enjoy. Share these playlists with friends, let them know you’re thinking about them. Learning to play an instrument will help heal even more. Try out online tutorials and learn the guitar, piano, ukulele or flute depending on personal taste and motivation. 


Hiking will reap many benefits for your health and wellness. The physical activity involved in hiking will aid in release of the happy hormone serotonin, which will reduce levels of stress and depression. Also, the sense of achievement you feel once you get to the peak is like no other.

Not forgetting the beautiful views, you will witness and experience. Hiking can also be done in groups so if you have an adventurous circle of friends, grab them all and take a hike. If not, join hiking troupes; you can make new friends with the same interests as you.

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